How Long Does it Take to Get Full Arch Dental Implants?

Full arch dental implants are a revolutionary method for replacing missing teeth. 

They provide a permanent solution for restoring the smile and eliminating the need for dentures. For many people, the thought of undergoing an invasive dental procedure can be daunting. Fortunately, full arch dental implants are typically a straightforward process that yields tremendous results with minimal recovery time.


The process of getting full arch dental implants begins with an initial consultation with an oral surgeon or periodontist.

 During this appointment, they will assess your overall health and make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure. They may also take x-rays and other imaging scans to help them determine the best course of action for your individual needs. If all is well, you will have your first surgery to place the titanium rods into your jawbone where they will serve as roots for artificial teeth later on in the process.


Once implanted, it takes about six months or more for osseointegration to occur which is when these titanium rods fuse completely with your jawbone. 

Osseointegration is necessary in order for these rods to provide support and stability for your new artificial teeth so it’s important that you give them ample time to heal properly before proceeding with any additional treatments. During this waiting period, you can wear temporary dentures in order to eat and speak normally while keeping a natural appearance in the meantime.


Once osseointegration is complete, you will have a follow-up appointment for the next phase of your full arch dental implants. During this appointment, abutments are placed in order to connect the titanium rods with artificial teeth that will be custom-made to match your existing smile. Learn more about Dental implants at Temecula Dental Implants and Oral Surgery website in California. Once everything is fitted and adjusted correctly, you can enjoy your new smile without having to worry about uncomfortable dentures or complicated maintenance procedures!


Getting full arch dental implants takes anywhere from 8-12 months depending on each individual’s healing process and response time. This timeline may vary as everyone heals differently so it’s important to discuss all of the details with your oral surgeon prior to beginning any treatments.


The next step involves placing abutments onto each rod which act like posts that will connect to your artificial teeth once they arrive from the lab. 

This usually happens during one visit depending on how many are needed and what type of restoration has been chosen by both you and your dentist or oral surgeon. Once completed, impressions of your mouth along with specific measurements will be taken so that custom-made prosthetic teeth can be made at an offsite lab which could take anywhere from seven days to two weeks or more depending on what was ordered.


Finally, after receiving these artificial teeth from the lab, another appointment must be scheduled where they will be attached securely onto each abutment using a special cement-like adhesive material made especially for this purpose. The entire process of getting full arch dental implants usually takes 6-9 months or longer but it varies greatly depending on individual cases and healing times among other things. Once done however, patients typically experience greater comfort when eating and speaking as well as increased confidence in their smile without ever having to worry about slipping dentures again!


Posted on

April 11, 2016